Isaac Ruiz

I own three iPhones.

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Brackelope: Tournament Builder iOS

128 player tournament manager for double elimination, single elimination and knockout formats. Over 100k downloads. iTunes

And now for some select projects I've had the pleasure of working on over the last few years:

529 Garage iOS

Project 529. Bike registry/recovery + push notifications. iTunes

xPlor iOS

Marriott Hotels. Evviva Games. Cocoas2D promotional video game. iTunes

Madfish Elements iOS

Mad Fish SEO. Detailed analytics for MFE customers. iTunes

Sid the Science Kid AS3

PBS Kids. FableVision. Flash games, for kids! Let's Fly! / Red Light Green Light / I Want to be a Scientist / Gabriella's Balancing Act / Collection Jar / Mystery Lunchbox / Say What?

Party Beans Gift Customizer AS3

Upload images. Customize gifts. Whitelable-able. Party Beans

Dinosaur Train jQuery

PBS Kids. FableVision. Click here to learn about dinosaurs. Zoo Tour

Alden's and Julie's Ice Cream AS3

Moto Interactive. Ice cream. Animated. Alden's Ice Cream / Julie's Organic Ice Cream